The Lower Columbia River is a nature lover's paradise. Enjoy some of the best fishing, sailing and relaxing in the Pacific Northwest. South Welcome Slough Lodge Campground & Moorage is the perfect home base to explore and take it all in.


This part of the lower Columbia River is known for prime Spring, Summer and Fall Chinook fishing. It's also a great spot for Steelhead. Puget Island is located 38 miles up from the mouth of the Columbia. The Columbia is the second largest river in the lower 48 states. Just think about it for a minute - all the salmon and steelhead have to swim by Puget Island to get to all the rivers and streams above it for the next several hundreds of miles. This is a lot of fish! 


Can you imagine RV or tent camping with your boat moored safely just a few feet from your site. Not only can look at your boat right from your campsite, you can hop in and head out to some of the finest fishing on the Columbia. This is as good as it gets!



Puget Island is relatively flat and approximately 7 miles long with several itnertwining roads. There is also Little Island. Both are wonderful cycling islands, with lots of wildlife to enjoy. 


In the evenings, my wife and I will go on a ride and count the Whitetail deer. Since Puget Island is the largest Columbia River Whitetail Refuge, you can sometimes count as many as 35-40. There are plenty of photo opportunities. 


Another fun adventure is to take the Puget Island Ferry for a 10 minute ride into the small town of Westport. There you can grab some fresh baked pie and ice cream at a great little restuarant just up the road from the ferry landing.



The lower Columbia River has some of the finest sailing waters in the Pacific Northwest. At this location, the river is over two miles wide and at around 1 pm the upriver wind comes up nearly every afternoon. Take a short 1/4 mile ride out of the slough and enjoy an afternoon of some of the finest sailing available on the Columbia. Return back to your private moorage or stay out on the hook and spend the night behind one of the several nearby islands. It just doesn't get any better.


Just think if you are a trailer sailor, you can RV or tent camp and moor your sailboat right in front of your place. For a bit of luxury, rent the Lodge and sleep in a comfortable king-size bed after a long-day of sailing.




If you love kayaking, you have just found heaven on earth! Kayaking Welcome Slough is fun, allowing you to leisurely paddle along and check out all the history. Take a 1/4 mile paddle out into the Columbia, and your world changes big time!


Right in front of you is Coffee Pot Island. This island is approximately 4 miles long, and the wildlife . . . ! On the lower end of Coffee Pot Island is a huge Bald Eagle's nest. You can take photos till your heart is content. The shore lines of both Puget Island and Coffee Pot Island are full of life. You will be greeted by all kinds of birds, and it is not uncommon to see the Columbia River Whitetail Deer.